Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility

The need to define our CSR policy is essential if we, as a company, want to be consistent and effective. CSR helps us to establish our vision and mission.

As a medium-sized company, we are always looking for ways to find an even better balance between our daily activities, social contributions and preserving nature. The consumer is very important, so we always do our best to tailor our products to their satisfaction.

Below, you can see how we work using the triple bottom line to take good social responsibility.


We treat our staff as family, which is mainly reflected in the number of years of service of our employees. Our employees are regularly involved in working procedures and are encouraged to share their opinions, comments and ideas with each other and the management team during our regular quarterly meetings. This creates a close bond between the staff and, above all, creates a pleasant working atmosphere. In addition, certain sporting events, such as the annual Bigi Broki Waka, are sponsored in view of the health of the consumer. As a company, we are always looking for innovative ways to contribute to the health of both our staff and our consumer.


Collaboration with certain foundations such as the People Helping People and De Stem offers us the opportunity to give something back to the Surinamese community in addition to reducing negative impact on the environment.

In the year 2017, for example, People Helping People made a selection of schools where the less fortunate children were provided sandwiches. Within a year they distibuted over 10.000 sandwiches of which of course the major part were spread with our peanut butter. Our trade-in project ensures fewer hungry children and less waste. De Stem were also thankful for our donations to their rehabilitation program of drug addicts.

Fun Fact---Empty jars can also be used for school activities and in households for the following purposes:
- storage containers for:
   • food products, such as powdered milk, soup vegetables, sauces;
   • storing trinkets, such as beads, pins, jewelry, etc.
- Plant pots
- Candle holders
- money boxes (yes, you read that correctly)

If jars with expired peanut butter are brought in, the contents are placed in biodegradable bags and buried in the landfill. We try to print less and we're doing fine! A concrete example of this is the use of online marketing strategies (announcement of events, news reports etc.) in which little paper has to be used for flyers, posters, etc. that could eventually pollute the environment.


The target in 2017 was raising the awareness of consumers about our diet line. The diet line contains no sugar, is sweetened with Stevia and comes in the variants:
- Wippy Sugarfree
- Wippy Salt- & Sugarfree

With this objective we have been able to reach athletes who saw the advantages of this, because of their "clean eating" pattern. By making athletes aware of the many health benefits, we were able to book an increase of more than 60% in sales.