Have you heard our new Wippy commercial? 
Are you a manager/teacher of a primary school? 

Well then we have good news for you! Trade company L. Willemsberg N.V offers you the opportunity to qualify for SRD. 5000, - for a special project (construction or renovation) for your school (all primary schools). Put together a nice dance group of up to seven children from the 1st to the 6th grade who dance to the music of the new Wippy peanut butter commercial and film this dance.
You are free to choose what the dance style, location and structure of the group will be. Be creative!


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Download the song here:


Some people were asked what they think of Wippy Peanut butter.

Here some of the reactions...

The main objective of trade company L. Willemsberg N.V. is to produce peanut butter of the highest quality,
using natural ingredients, which come from all parts of the world.
We strive to deliver food-safe products to the market that meet the expectations of the customer. Our goal is not
only to provide the Surinamese market with our products but also the Caribbean and European markets.
The opportunity to enter the European market is finally here starting with the export to the Netherlands.

For many years now we have received the request from customers, especially the Surinamese Diaspora group, to
sell Wippy peanut butter on the Dutch market and have had to disappoint this group for years! It is FINALLY
so far! Our peanut butter is coming to the NETHERLANDS !!!

A team from trade company L. Willemsberg N.V will travel to the Netherlands in July 2018 to announce the
kick-off of the export there at the "Kwaku Festival 2018 ".
However, Wippy peanut butter will be sold on the Dutch market under the name Fosten. Our Fosten peanut
butter is now a registered brand in Europe.